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My name is Mike McCreary and the name of my bike is The ClearCreek. She is a sturdy schwinn that has been with me since the early 90's and done a couple of short tours of 850, and 950 miles. The ClearCreek has also been my transportation around town and to work. She now will take me on a voyage about the country without any ultimate destination.

This website is meant to chronicle some of my experiences as I live traveling the country on a bicycle. As the website grows I hope that it might be of help to anyone else that would want to go bicycle touring. It is also for my friends. Through the magic of technology the friends that I left behind and those that I meet along the way will be able to know how I'm doing and contact me if they want.

I have redesigned the website as of September 1, 2005. The first webite was put up in a bit of a hurry before I left and I never even updated it. Now as I have been parked in West Yellowstone Montana for a while I've had some time to work on it. I hope to keep it a lot more active in the future.

The website uses frames and some javascript so I hope you are not using an old browser. On the left are the main links. On the right of the main window will be links to other pages. There is a website map link on the right side of most pages.

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