Bicycle Touring in the USA

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Welcome to You are invited to share some of my experiences as I explore the country on a bicycle.

Voyage of the ClearCreek

It's called "self contained bicycle touring", or "bikepacking". It is comparable to backpacking in the equipment used and the mentality that it takes. Basicaly you just pack everything you need to survive on a bicycle and travel. Go for days, weeks, months, or years.

Seeing the world go by at 10 miles per hour. Sleeping under the stars, in the forest, in the desert, on the beach. Allowing nature to provide for your enjoyment.

The simple life.

This website will be oriented toward self-contained touring because that is what I do. But it is for anyone that might try a bicycle tour of any kind, or for those who would just dream of such a thing.

And it is for my friends that wonder.....What ever happened to Mike?

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