I got a new rear tire in Alturas for 9 dollars. The last one that I bought cost me $30 and only lasted about 1800 miles.
A new motor for my stove for $2 and change at Radio shack. The little blast furnace is working great now.
A new sleeping bag. Rated at 0 degrees It is lighter than my other one and also warmer. After a cold night in my old bag an opportunity came up to get a new one for $44 was to good to pass up.
A new rear veiw mirror. Thanks David! I can see... I can see... And I'm still working on all the dried fruit. Yum !

I have been going without looking at a map for a month now. It's a lot of fun and is in the true spirit of wanderbike.

Still thinking of all my new friends in West Yellowstone. The night crew at the Short Line Restraunt were great. So hello to Ryan, Quintin, Tom, and Nate. And a special hello to the Russian girls, Olga, Kate, and Oksana. I hope you all made it home safely. Oh, and by the way girls I am still deeply disturbed.

I am headed to Sacramento now. I'll be there in a few days. I am going to see some friends. Play a little golf, and get a passport.

I have been fixing things a lot lately. Must be some new domestic quality that I have aquired. Thank god they are breaking fast enough to keep ahead of me.

My main battery is dead so I'll have to get a new one or fiqure out another configuration.

My front derailer broke and I can't fix it. Since I'm in the valley now I won't need one until I leave Sacramento.

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