September 5, 2005

I arrived in West Yellowstone Montana on June 8. I started working at the West Yellowstone Conference Center "Holiday Inn" the next day and will leave on the first of September.

I have now had the chance to redesign the website. Hopefully I will be able to keep it updated now.

New equipment that I picked up in West Yellowstone include a water filter "MSR", a soldering iron, and a radio.

I plan on heading toward the west coast and then south. I feel rejuvinated from my stay here in West Yellowstone. It's amazing really, I feel better than I have in decades. With my renewed energy, if it continues, maybe I will be able to beat the weather on my ride south.

I had my bike worked on by the local bike shop. I thought that I heard the inside of my crank squeeking on the last couple of mountain ranges in Colorado so I had him look at it. I'm glad I did. I would not have lasted much longer. I also got a new cassette in the rear that is geared lower so it should take the strain off of the steeper climbs.

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